A little while ago, I recieved an email from McAfee -- you know the people who do the anti-virus software. They sent the email to an email address that -- although I haven't used it for about 5 years, it's still active (I only used it for a job that I left about 5 years ago).

Now, especially when you consider that probably 75% of the people who have ever owned a PC have probably used a Mcafee product, I Think that it's fair to call emailing a customer who hasn't talked to you in 5 years pretty much spam.

So what was this email about??

Their new Anti-Spam software.

Now, That's Chutzpah

Written by

Stephen Samuel (samuel@bcgreen.com)

$Date: 2001/09/14 09:57:29 $GMT
Stephen Samuel (samuel@net.result.com)
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