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Dear My_email_address,

Tired of spam email? Of course you are!

In just 5 minutes, you'll be able fight back against unwanted junk email, shield your family from offensive messages and empty out your in-box -- at work or home -- with award-winning SpamKiller from

Simply the best at stopping spam cold for email programs like Outlook, this must-have guardian is now just $29.95 -- $10 off the regular $39.95 price - when you order by June 24.

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With thousands of pre-installed filters, SpamKiller blocks addresses of known spammers AND goes way beyond the simple lists other programs use. It also watches for tell-tale subject lines ("GET OUT OF DEBT!" - "FREE!" -- "XXX") and inappropriate text (including pornographic, racist and other offensive material) within every message you receive.

The result? A clutter- and spam-free in-box! Spam email is placed into SpamKiller's Killed Mail folder. It's held in quarantine and erased automatically after 30 days, giving you plenty of time to check for legitimate messages. You'll never worry about accidentally deleting important correspondence. SpamKiller also lets you:
o Monitor & filter multiple email accounts
o Easily create your own custom filters
o Quickly import a safe "Friends List"
o Anonymously complain about malicious spammers
o Automatically update its filters daily

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Critics Love SpamKiller!

SpamKiller has received a "Best Buy" rating from PC World magazine. In the publication's July 2002 cover story, "Protect Your PC," reviewers recommended SpamKiller to PC users for it's "clean interface," "superb wizard," and "because it's the easiest to use."

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WHAT ABOUT STOPPING SPAM ON WEB-BASED EMAIL SYSTEMS? SpamKiller seamlessly integrates with your POP3 or MAPI- compliant email program like Netscape, Outlook or Eudora but it DOES NOT WORK DIRECTLY WITH WEB-BASED EMAIL ACCOUNTS or AOL. In many cases, however, you can still rely on SpamKiller to filter spam.

Many Web-based email providers, like Yahoo!, also offer POP options to let you access and read your messages. Alternatively, you can also route your Web-based email through a POP3 account, add SpamKiller, and block annoying spam just as efficiently.

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FREE GIFT With SpamKiller

Like to watch DVD movies but tired of late fees? Purchase SpamKiller by June 24, 2002, and you'll not only save 25%, you'll also get two FREE weeks of Netflix*!

With Netflix you can rent as many DVDs as you want for $20 a month**. No due dates, no late fees and no hidden charges!

Here's how it works:

World's Largest Selection
(1) Create a list online of the movies you want to see from over 11,500 titles.

Fast Free Delivery
(2) We'll rush you your first 3 DVDs in 2-4 days via first-class mail.

No Late Fees
(3) Keep up to 3 DVDs at a time for as long as you want.

Free, Pre-paid return envelopes
(4) Return 1 DVD in its free, pre-paid envelope & get another from your list.

Try the best way to rent DVDs!


Put SpamKiller to work for you -- it's simply the easiest, fastest and most powerful way to stop annoying, intrusive messages. Order it now and see for yourself what the buzz is about! Now through June 24, SpamKiller is just $29.95 -- a 25% savings off the normal $39.95 price.

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P.S. Experts say junk email is only going to get worse! Stop it now with award-winning SpamKiller from Thousands of pre-set filters and award- winning features make this the best way to end spam! Order a copy by June 24, 2002, and save $10. It's just $29.95 (save 25%).

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IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have a POP3 or MAPI email account in order to use SpamKiller. SpamKiller DOES NOT WORK WITH WEB-BASED EMAIL ACCOUNTS or AOL. Some Web-based email providers have a POP3 or MAPI option. IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN, PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER TO VERIFY.

* Netflix free trial is valid in the 50 United States and its territories and possessions and is available to United States residents only. Free trial is open to first-time customers only.

** Netflix will begin to bill your credit card for monthly subscription fees of $19.95 at the completion of the free trial unless you cancel prior to the end of the free trial.


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