This page is to make it easier for people to do up petitions in support of those people who have been jailed for attempting to protect their water supplies and the context of democratic principles.

There are currently Three versions of the file:
One version is  In Microsoft Word 7.0 format... This may, or may not be readable by older versions of word.

The second version is stored as a Word Perfect for Windows file. most word processors should be able to read this.

The last is a raw text file which should be usable (for example) on an older PC with a dot matrix printer.

Pledges can be sent to:

      The address is NDN AD, C/O Green Party,
                             577 Ward Street,
 Nelson, BC, V1L 1T1.


Below please find a full page advertisement for the Friday August 22, 1997,
Nelson Daily News. We are attempting to obtain 500 signatures by Wednesday August 20. If you could help us this would be very much appreciated.
We are asking $2 per head for each signature to pay for the ad. Signatures and money should be returned to the Eco-Centre Green party office by Wednesday August 20. Please print this out on or paste on lined paper as this will make it easier for the NDN to scan the names in.


For More Information:  (Andy Shadrack)
Curator: Stephen Samuel (
Written: Fri, 15 Aug 1997  Last Updated: Fri, 15 Aug 1997
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