Why you should vote

I'm heading to Victoria to work on a campaign that has some serious hopes of success for the Green Party, so I can pretty much guarantee to not be at the beach this weekend. In the meantime, please pass this on to your friends. (if you're willing).

This election campaign has a lot riding on it.. As I see it, the Bloc Quebiquos has pretty much locked up the vote in Quebec, and the Liberals and Conservatives have pretty much cloned each other fighting for the bulk of the canadian vote.

I've pretty much given up on both of them. I'm working for the Green Party.. In my experience, it's the one party that's fignting to design Canada, and canada's structures for the future and from the future -- the real future, generations out, not just to the next election day.

I urge everybody to get out and vote this time 'round... In this election, it can really make a difference, no matter who you vote for.

If you vote green, you could help make history by electing the first set of greens in Canadian federal politics. Even if your vote doesn't elect someone, it's worth $1.75/year to the Green Party under current election rules... That would be over $8.00 if the next parliament runs for 5 years.

Even if you don't vote green, your vote will still count to serve the parties with notice of what you care about -- whether you vote NDP, Liberal, Libertarian, Marxist-Leninist or whomever.

Get out and vote on Monday. There's money riding on it. If you want to do even more, go out and spend an hour (or four) working for the candidate of your choice.

Green party website: http://www.greenparty.ca
Elections Canada: http://www.elections.ca/