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Here is your exam. Please respect the intent.
You have 3 hours to write the exam (you may want to set a timer for yourself). The timer starts from when you download final.txt and stops when you upload it again at the submit file.
Please make sure to upload from the same machine you use to download. If this is an issue with you, send me an email about the problem.

Deadline for finishing the exam is Midnight Tuesday Apr 24, 2005 (Pacific Time, for you nitpickers).

You may use your books, or documentation on the machines. The machines at IP addresses 10, 25 and 26 are still available (26 is the Linux/knoppix box). Please do not communicate with other people about the exam (until after Tuesday).
final.txt 2005/05/20 11,409 your exam.. do not upload it until you are ready to start writing.
submit/ 2005/05/20 512 Click here to submit your exam when you are done.

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