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crushing.jpg 2004/04/15 125,786 original (plain) poster
crushing.xcf 2004/04/15 1,317,153 original (plain) poster in raw GIMP format
crushing2.jpg 2004/04/15 169,677 with explosin background
crushing2.xcf 2004/04/15 8,106,273 gimp format
crushing3.jpg 2004/04/15 58,283 reduced size crushing2 (for viewing on screen)
Looking at the mess in Najaf, and concluding that, if the US attacks there, they'll really open up a can of worms (consider the reaction if we blew up the Vatican), I decided to do this poster. I don't care too much for Bush's political future, but I do care about the lives of soldiers who are really litle more than pawns.
Created by Stephen Samuel. Email for more info (and yes that email is accurate).
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