Laissez-Faire Capitalists often cite Adam Smith's seminal "Wealth of Nations" to justify getting the government out of the 'business' of regulating business. I have been told by some, however, that his treatise isn't quite so pro-multinational as we are led to believe.

What I have been told is that Smith was a fan of multiple small businesses in competition, and that he viewed large (and especially multinational) overarching corporations as not much different than big government interference in the market. (This makes sense to me, since both result in centralized control of the markets, and have very little need (or even the ability) to take local needs and sentiments into account).

In any case, the only way one can know this for sure is to actually read the book. To that end, I've grabbed the Guttenberg Press copy of the book, and HTMLized it, for easier reading.

Happy reading. Feel free to email me with any insights you get from reading the book, and I'll even consider putting your comments here, if you'd like.