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4.0English/ 2005/07/18 512 How to change the boot options for the knoppix cd-dvd (specifically, to change the boot language and timezone)
books/ 2005/08/21 512 the books from the knoppix 4.0 disk (for those who can't download the DVD image)
booting/ 2006/01/27 512 booting knoppix via HD image of CD or Netboot from CD.
clamav/ 2005/12/03 512
clamscan/ 2005/12/03 512
copying 2006/01/27 17,993 text-only version of the GPL license
gpl.html 2006/01/27 22,766 Most everything here is licensed under the GPL.
terminal-server/ 2005/09/30 512 patch and final version for changes to knoppix-terminalserver script.
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