(( Originally posted to slashdot.org )) Naderites will break the Democratic party completely.

No. It's the electoral system that's broken, and the Democrats are finally suffering from that breakage.

It might work in a parliamentary democracy, but in the US it will lead to one party getting in power forever. Stagnation is never good, I can tell you that like someone who lived in Soviet Union

If Nader keeps running at the Federal level, it will force the Democrats who control state legislatures to change the way that the vote distributes electors to vote for the president (can't remember the term exactly -- I'm a Canadian).

The problem isn't that Nader is running. The problem is that the US has an electoral system where, if you're not happy with what the top two parties are doing, you have two choices about how to waste your vote:

In either case, your real intent is never registered

The current winner-take-all approach to delegates only really makes sense in a one party system. It's barely workable in a two party system. If somebody like Nader doesn't force the question about the brokenness of the current system, then you'll continue to have the same broken system forever.
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