Remembrance 2004

I watch it on the telly in an empty sort of way
For me November 'leventh is an hollow kind of day.

I've never lost my buddies in a vicious firefight
or wondered if I'd have the parts to see the morning light.

I've never been in battle, picked up friend's body parts
Remembrance day just doesn't touch the soft bits of my heart.

I watch a veteran fight to hold the dam against his tear.
My mother never nervously hushed back my cries of fear.

For me the wars are distant. They're safely far away.
I know so many died for me that it could be this way.

The oxymoron 'fight for peace' the torch we hold today
an honor to the sacrificed who gave their lives away

When I take up the battle my weapon is a pen.
I thank the lord that I am living now and not back then.

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