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Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996

Nuxalk Shun Court

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Press Release


Statement by the Nuxalk Hereditary Chiefs

"First of all the Nuxalk Nation would like to acknowledge Tatau, the Creator, through Manakays, the Great Spirit, for all that he has provided since the beginning of time and still does today."

The Nuxalk Hereditary Chiefs and their 19 supporters did not appear in Court today (January 22, 1996) because they challenge the jurisdiction of the BC Supreme Court over Nuxalk territory. The BC Supreme Court chose to proceed with the trial in absentia.

Warrants have been issued for their arrest. The courts are proceeding under the assumption that INTERFOR has full rights to steal and destroy Nuxalkmc resources, rather than addressing the underlying fundamental issue which is Nuxalk jurisdiction over these lands. The court has chosen to criminalize the Nuxalkmc under the pretext of disobeying their injunction so as to legitimize the taking of the trees from Nuxalk territory. This case reveals the British Columbia Government's assumption of jurisdiction in spite of the fact that no treaty has ever been made with the Nuxalk Nation.


They are implementing their inherent obligation to protect their land for generations to come. This is their traditional law. These inherent rights have never been ceded or extinguished. All domestic avenues have been exhausted because the Governments of BC and Canada refuse to acknowledge Nuxalk jurisdiction.

  1. Assumed Jurisdiction
  2. Imposition of Foreign Laws
  3. Use of Force as a State
  4. No Recognition as a "Nation" with sovereign powers and status


  1. Governed by "Natural Law"
  2. Religious Foundation of Nuxalkmc is their spirituality.
    Religion and law are one.
  3. Human Beings
All Nuxalkmc exist by the "Supreme Law of the Land therefore, al federal matters should be done on a Nation to Nation basis.


  1. The government of Canada has no authority to pass legislation to abolish traditional government. The Indian Act does not apply to the Nuxalk on the basis that their territory is unceded. Nuxalk Nation retain their inherent rights.
    1. BC supreme court has no jurisdiction on this dispute
    2. BC government & its courts cannot define the Nuxalk jurisdiction or its territories.
The judicial system cannot use a blanket policy to define Nuxalk Sovereignty.


The BC's Supreme Court's Christian/Heathen distinction is still regarded as the supreme law of the land. Regardless of whether the Nuxalkmc are considered savages or not, they cannot ethically or morally be denied territorial rights (dominion) nor their existence as a whole by coercion or force. Moreover, the fallacy of being regarded as more or less than a human being is rendered in-operative for the purpose of establishing non-Nuxalkmc territorial rights over Nuxalkmc rights of dominion nor is the use of force justifiable to achieve such ends.


  1. Natural Law does not destroy resources Example: Namu run by a large fishing corporation abandoned the mid-coast causing economic ruin and massive social disruption as did Ocean Falls run by a large logging corporation.
  2. Corporate Law today cannot economically sustain three thousand people without destroying resources and natural life (i.e. wildlife) and thus destroys a way of life for the Nuxalkmc. This is cultural genocide under International Law and their Covenants. The BC government is bound by the International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and the International Bill of Human Rights. Canada and its' provinces are signatories on both these documents. The Nuxalkmc are a people distinct from others therefore, a Nation with absolute and exclusive territorial integrity.

For the future of our children, our grandchildren and children yet to be born....


Nuxalk Strong - Nuxalk Forever!

Hereditary Chief Nuximlayc
(Lawrence Pootlass)

Hereditary Chief Qwatsinas
(Edward Moody)

Hereditary Chief Slicxwliqw'
(Charles Nelson)

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Author: Nuxalk Nation Government
C/O: I. G. Gauvreau <>
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Written: Jan 23, 1996
HTML version: Thurs Feb 1, 1996
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