A letter to Roz

The following letter needs almost no introduction: Roz is the partner of Trond Halle -- one of the non-native defenders at Gustafson Lake. They came to the camp to document what, at first appeared to (to me) to have been a simple case of rednecks trying to bully some indians -- and soon proved to be much more than that.

To: Roz Royce Ph: {deleted}

Aug 26/95 pm

Hey, Roz,

This is a bit weird but I've got to assume that I may not make it out of here alive. The RCMP have blocked the media from coming in here for Mercredi's 2nd visit scheduled for today. The radio says that he has until this evening to get an unconditional surrender. I wonder if he'll even show. If the media aren't here, how could anyone know? So that's why I'm here. To be witness to an atrocity unlike any other. How the world could ever allow this is beyond me, but no one ever said things had to make sense.

At the arbour this morning, I made peace with the creator and asked for help for our brothers and sisters here. A Journalist for Monday magazine may call you. His name is Will and I've given him complete access to our Betacam tapes. He'll make a commercial that will haunt Canadians for years to come. These people cannot be allowed to die for nothing. I don't think this country will ever be the same after this. The veneer will be stripped for all to see and it will be rotten.

As far as death goes, I'm looking foreard to the trip. Trust me, I won't go easy but if that happens, so be it There's a purpose for everything. I love you and I don't want you to to be sad. You'll be with me soon enough so don't worry.

This letter should also go to my family. Tell them I was happy right to the end and I wouldn't have changed a thing, even if I could. I can't think of anything else. I'll be watching over you all so don't spend too much time feeling sorrow. You can be sure I won't be.

I love you all (happy face).


P.S. I guess I don't have to worry about that student loan anymore.

Author: Trond Halle
Curator: Stephen Samuel (samuel@bcgreen.com)
Last Updated: Sun Mar 30, 1997

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