On about August 8, 1993 -- The annual summer storm (which usually hits Clayoquot sound near the beginning of august) had struck, dropping over four inches of rain heavy winds into the clearcut that was the "Peace Camp" -- home of the 10,000 or so people who came to Clayoquot that year to protest the government order for it's effective destruction.

In the middle of that storm, arrived a woman by the name of Summer Pemberton - the quintesential grandmother if ever I have met one. Summer was determined to stand on "The" logging road at the Kennedy River bridge to signal her disgust at the B.C. government agreement by surrendering her liberty. With her was her friend, and travelling companion -- Elaine, I believe was her name.

Summer is apparently a long-time activist for various causes -- though I'm not sure if she's actually been arrested for anything before.

Elaine was completely supportive of Summer's intention, and was borderline with respect to being arrested herself. Eileen was a physician and a teacher. She felt that her first comittment was to her students and her patients, and she had not been able to find anybody to cover for her duties for the week or so that her trial would take or the unknown length of the sentance that she would recieve for standing on the road -- an act which Premier Lougheed and various judges have said "Threatens the fabric of our society".

I did not originally believe that Elaine was among the roughly 900 people arrested that summer in clayoquot sound, but Summer definitely was (to the best of my knowledge) arrested on the Tuesday morning -- making her one of the oldest people arrested on the blockade.

The photograph was taken on the Sunday, as Elaine was making the final decision about whether ot not to get arrested

Later that fall as the logging faction brought their PR machine up to steam, a couple of people in the newsgroup 'BC.GENERAL' -- which was hot ("slightly singed around the edges" said one reader from California) with the Clayoquot debate insisted on referring to the people who sacrificed their liberty at the Kennedy River bridge as "Dangerous", "Terrorists" and "Ecoterrorists". and other such lovely words. -- so I took my picture of Summer and her friend, and used the facts of the picture -- and only the slightest of artistic license (culled from the hyperbole of the pro-logging camp), to make the poster, and released it to the net.

Interestingly enough, the claims of "ecoterrorist" died down soon after it was released.

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